She believed she could so she did…

From Corporate Executive to Entrepreneur

Kimberly fearlessly exited a successful corporate business career to embark on new adventures that would provide freedom and flexibility to live the life she’d always dreamed.

Named one of the Top 50 women in the industry, she realized that her most important job was at home and decided to create a business path of her own —one that didn’t compromise her values of family. Now, here she is a few short years later with a successful e-commerce business and investing company built from ground up with her family.

Kimberly shaped her professional journey by continually investing in herself and others. She’s developed high-performing teams by setting a bold vision and rolling up her sleeves to get the work done.

Kim also thrives in high stakes environments and loves taking on tough challenges. Most notably, she’s a passionate advocate for women in business and is a proven leader in delivering results to achieve a common goal.

Her tenure in business spans large corporations, private equity and start-up with experience across multiple disciplines: general management, sales, strategy, marketing commercialization, and new business development.

On a personal note, Kim’s proudest moments are her family and finishing the New York Marathon in honor of her Mom’s continued battle with Lupus.

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