My First Book is Published – Now Available on Amazon

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I published my first book today on Amazon. Yippee! As a serial entrepreneur, this book was fun to write because it was the jumping off point for subsequent entrepreneurial ventures.

A few years ago, I noticed a consistent pattern with women & men in business who wanted to have more flexibility, freedom and income that didn’t require the stringent (and oftentimes demanding) hours of a 9 to 5 job. In 2018, I exited my corporate career and built a successful MLM business.

The book provides key lessons to crack the code for MLM success. We’ve all heard about how it’s possible to make some great money with multi-level marketing. It’s inexpensive and easy to get started; the money is incredible; plus, you can work from your living room couch while eating a bowl of ice cream. That all sounds great, but how much truth is there to that general perception? You’ll find the answer to that question and more as we delve into the key lessons of MLM and successful multilevel marketers rise to the top.

Don’t quit your 9-5 yet.

Check out the book on Amazon: MLM Mastery: Building Wealth and Residual Income through Multilevel Marketing: Crack the Code to MLM Success

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Much love, Kim

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